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HealthKart Protein (80%), 2.2 lb Unflavoured

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  • HealthKart® Protein can fulfil protein deficiency in adults.
  • HealthKart® Protein offers 8g simply digestible high-quality proteins, with 9 essential amino acids per 10g serving.
  • HealthKart® Protein might support muscle development and improve fitness.
  • HealthKart® Protein can build strength and energy and helps in building immunity for natural protection against diseases.
  • HealthKart® Protein’s swish and neutral style blends well with everyday food like gravy, dal, chapati, cakes etc. It is an easy manner to add protein to any food preparation.


Proteins are the building blocks of the human body and are required for maintenance and repair of tissues. Since human body can’t store proteins, it’s essential to consume them daily. The simply digestible, complete protein mix derived from soy, whey and casein in Protein helps build immunity, strength and sensible health in men and women of all ages.

Know Your Protein Score

A typical Indian diet, consisting of (roti, daal, sabji) provides 33g protein whereas 55g protein is needed by the body. Protein deficiency is growing in Indians and 9 out of ten Indians consume less protein than required. Adequate protein improves health, fitness, energy and well-being.

9 Essential Amino Acids

Healthkart Protein provides 9 essential amino acids that a human body can’t method but are vital to support muscle synthesis, bone growth, healthy nervous system and smart mood in men and ladies.

High Quality & Quantity Protein

Healthkart Protein has PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) score of one.0 that is the very best value for any protein supply.

*PDCAAS is the tactic of evaluating the protein quality on the basis of amino acid want and the flexibility to digest it.


Helps build strength
Healthkart Protein offers the very best quality and quantity protein to assist improve muscle recovery in fitness beginners and aids in enhancing strength and energy in individuals of all ages.

Aids in Building Immunity

Healthkart Protein provides 9 essential amino acids for the synthesis of antibodies, interferons that type key components of a sturdy and healthy immunity. This might help improve your immunity.

Serving Suggestion: Combine one heaping scoop of Healthkart Protein to One glass of milk, juice, water, shake or any beverage of your selection

You'll also add one heaping scoop of neutral tasting Healthkart Protein to gravies, dal, soups or combine with flour to add goodness to your rotis.


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