Dymatize Elite XT (4 lb, Rich Chocolate)


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  • Boosts your energy level
  • Helps in repairing muscles once tough workouts
  • Improves your workout performance
  • Since ingredients are hygroscopic in nature, they’re going to tend to lump. However the supplement is completely safe to consume when grind

Proteins are known to supply extra energy to your body and repair the body muscles, that keeps your body energised and fuelled throughout the day. They provide recovery to your body from external wear. Dymatize Elite XT protein works on an extended unharness formula, which will enhance the recovery to another level. This protein provides improved nitrogen retention and absorption. Proteins derived from totally different sources are present during this Dymatize Elite XT. Additionally, there are varied branched-chain amino acids and different amino acids added to produce enhanced results. This Elite XT additionally contains various milk-derived proteins like, micellar casein, whey protein concentrate, egg albumin, and soy proteins to supply overall nourishment to your bones and muscles.

A revolutionary coating system, Nutrateric, has been used in the Dymatize Elite XT protein. Nutrateric is an extended unleash technology that permits the specific material it coats to unharness a particular pH range. This provides extended unharness of proteins by providing them a coating which isn't easily digested. Therefore the body receives essential nutrients and helps you to stay strong and work. Consuming this Dymatize Elite XT protein enhances the strength and stamina of your body that's highly beneficial for the ones who exercise frequently, as it enhances their exercise session.

The absorption rate of proteins and alternative nutrients is more enhanced with the advanced enzyme matrix Zytrix present in this Elite XT protein. The lipid mix is also added to further increase the absorption level, enabling the protein to stay within the body for an extended period. This protein is straightforward to mix, and provides you a excellent mix of numerous proteins and other nutrients to boost the functioning of your muscles and give you overall wellness. Thus if you want to spice up the energy level of your body and keep it nourished, attempt this Dymatize Elite XT protein.

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