TRENDBUX Privacy Notice:

TRENDBUX understands how to use the personal and professional data of the platform users and that’s why we will never share the information of the users with the third party. For some money, we will never compromise the privacy of the users and the data of all users on our platform is totally secure. When you reached the TRENDBUX, you easily understand the privacy policy of our company.

What Personal Information About Customers Does TRENDBUX Gather?

We are always gathering the personal information of the customers, but the main motive behind our activity is improving the customer’s experience with our portal. The information that we collect is classified here;

Information Given by User: The information that is entered by the users on our portal is receiving and gathers by us. This is the first step for giving the better experience to the users. You can also see what we gather from the user’s data. On the other hand, there are also some privacy features given to the users through our portal. You can also choose the option that you don’t want to share or provide other information. This is also a fact that if you are not providing certain information then you can’t able to take the other advantages of the portal.

Automatic Store Data: Not only entered information by the users but also automatic data store is the part of our information. Whenever a user is interacting with us on our portal or third party portal, the information is automatically saved. Suppose if you are clicking on the advertisement link of TRENDBUX that is given on the third-party platform, this means your name, IDs are already saved that you had login through the third-party portal.

Mobile:  Mobile applications or apps are widely used in the modern world by users. Every portal app had a different privacy policy. When you download the app, developed by TRENDBUX or our primary helpers we should also receive the all important information of the users. Do you know when you download any app from Google Play Store, you are always clicking on agreeing to terms and conditions including the privacy policy. We are also receiving the location of your device, and unique identity of your mobile with the help of mobile app privacy policy. Most mobile application apps are able to access the location of the users.

E-Mail Communication: When the user becomes a permanent member of the TRENDBUX Platform, we are also received the confirmation mail from TRENDBUX. We are never sending the waster and unnecessary messages to the customers and our all e-mail communications are related to the users and useful for the users. On the other hand in our privacy policy, we are also giving the feature to the users for adjusting email or mobile communication. If they don’t want to receive the advertisement and latest trend email then they disable the e-mail communication.

Other Sources Information: Not only on our portal but also from other sources we are receiving the customers’ information. We are also adding your other information on our account with the help of other sources.

What about Cookies:

Cookies are the unique features or identify that are able to transfer the information related to our portal on your device. This system is easily enabled to our device to organized your device and to provide features such as one-click purchasing information etc. the personalized advertisement is also the part of our privacy policy and we are continuously sending the information to the user account with the use of their device connective through our portal.

The feature of cooking is initiating people to accept or login on the other portal. The popular portals are always having the features of cookies and on their portal cookies are making by the other portals. On the other hand, if you don’t want to see the cookies then you can also disable cookies on our portal. You can also delete the browser data such as flash cookies by changing your setting or visiting the website of the supplier. As you know cookies are allowing taking the benefit of TRENDBUX Platform features and benefits. If you are deleting the cookies or block our cookies then you will never able to add the shopping items to your cart.  For proceeding to checkout you must login on the portal.

Does TRENDBUX Share the Information it receives?

Information of the users is the important part of our portal. We are promising to our customers that we never share the information or personal data of the users with the third party. We are not connecting with any direct selling business. We are sharing the information of the customers that are related to their shopping experience with the subsidiaries of the TRENDBUX.  In our privacy notice, we have also mentioned the user’s information rules and regulations.

Affiliated Business We Do Not Control:  We are also working efficiently with the affiliated businesses. The sellers of the products and services are offering their products and services to the customers. In some cases, we are also controlling the stores and sell the particular products. You can also inform the third party transactions and we are also sharing the information to the users that they had done in the past with the third party.

Third Party Service Providers: We are also engaged in the employment activities and also employ other businesses and individuals to complete functions on our basis. In this employment activities are including, deliver services, sending postal mail and messages, completing the order, data analyzed the report, and providing marketing assistance, a method of credit card payments and customer support services. They are able to access the data of the person for completing their professional task. This information is not used by the user for another purpose.

Business Transfers: We are also giving the wide form to our business and stores and that’s why our business transfers that are based on online or offline mode are completely safe. The customer information related to the business transaction is totally safe and we are never revealing the payment related data of the users.

Protection of TRENDBUX and Others: We will never reveal the account and personal information of the person when we think that revealing information is appropriate and the user will never face difficulty with this information. Our conditions of use with the data were already assigned to the users and we give the information to any third party with the agreeing terms and conditions with the users.  In our privacy notice, we already clear the privacy terms and conditions with the users.

With Your Consent: You will also get the opportunity to share the information with the third party or not. If you don’t want to share your information with the third party then you can also choose this point.

How Secure Is Information About Me?

We are also praising the security of the users and that’s why we never revealing the important data of the users. For protecting the security of the information of the users during the transmission by using advanced technology software that is totally safe for the information of the users.

We get revel the last four digits of your credit card or debit card number when receiving your order on the online portal. The entire credit card entry while submitting the order is totally safe for the users and we are sure that you will never face the payment frauds.

If you are thinking that any unauthorized access is entering on your account on your ID and Password then you can also block your account with the help of customer care numbers.

What About Third-Party Advertisers and Links to Other Websites?

On our shopping portal we are also providing the information related to the third-party websites and advertisements.  These are the personalized ads that are based on the user’s interest. For understanding this term you should also examine the interest-based ads policy.

Which Information Can I Access?

TRENDBUX also gives you the ability to access a wide range of information about your user account and your all transaction with TRENDBUX for the limited purpose of viewing and in different cases, you can also update this information.

What Choices Do I Have?

  • You have vast choices for choosing the information. If you don’t want to share the information with the third party then you can also click on the link to not provide information or sharing information link. With the sharing information, you can also get the advantage in your profile, wish list, customer reviews, and TRENDBUX Prime.
  • The users can also update the required information on pages that are related to your shopping experience that you access? When you update the information, we are also storing your previous records on our portal.
  • If you are not receiving an email or other information from us, then you can adjust the setting to the customer communication. We are always giving the whole conditions of use and legal notice to the users but if you are not getting this formula then you can still govern your use of TRENDBUX.
  • Some users do not want us to use the personal data that we collect to allow third parties to personalize advertisements we display on your device.
  • The helping features of the portal on most browsers will absolutely tell you how to secure your browser from receiving new cooking. The new cookies are notified you to update results and showing the information related to your interest. On the other hand, if you don’t want to receive these cookies then you can delete the similar data.

Are Children Allowed to Use TRENDBUX?

TRENDBUX is not involving for selling the products and services to children. As a matter of fact, we sell kids products for purchase to adults. You can use the TRENDBUX Platform with the permission of parent or guardian.  TRENDBUX is not for kids and only for adults. Adults are able to use the portal. We are also collecting the information of the children under the age of 13. This information is only getting for the purpose of collecting data and giving the better shopping experience to the users.

Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions

If you are choosing the portal of TRENDBUX for online shopping, your visit and any issue over privacy policy are subject to our notice related to the terms and conditions of the privacy notice. In the privacy issues are including limitations on damages, application of the law and conditions of use. If you have any concern about your privacy policy of our portal then you can please contact us with the brief description of your issues and we will try to resolve the issues. Our business is going wider and that’s why our privacy policy and terms of uses are also changing.  We are also sending the reminder to the users through which they can learn the changes in our privacy policy. The website look and information is also constantly changed and that’s why users are also up-to-date with the privacy policy terms and conditions. We are always standing with our privacy policies and practices and our promises with the users are away fulfilled by us.

Related Practices and Information

Conditions of Use

Discussion Boards

Community Rules

Help department

Most Recent Purchases

Your Profile and Community Guidelines

Examples of Information Collected

Information You Give Us

Users are providing important information related to their search, buy, post, participate in the competitions organized by us. If you want to communicate for these competitions then you can get the help of our customer services.  Let us take an example, if you are providing the information related to your search interest or place an order through TRENDBUX or one of our sellers, suppliers provide information in your account or your profiles, get the information and assistance through the communication of phone, email or otherwise a complete inquiry form.

Automatic Information:

Automatic information is also taking place when we detect the information from the user account. Automatic information is one of the information that is filled by the users when they joining the platform. This information is not demanded by us and the automatic information is mainly provided by the users.


Mobile app application of the TRENDBUX software is also detecting the location of the users. As we know the use of location feature you will get supplier and sellers near you.

Information from Other Sources

Information from other sources is also important for us because we gather this information on the personal interest of the users and if you are thinking that we always use the information without the interest of the users then you are wrong. Whenever you are interested in buying an item the other sources cookies are also cooked on the portal and that’s why you will also get the option of other sellers.  In our privacy policy, we already stated that on our portal other cookies are also cooked and these cookies are working as the other source information. First of all, we must tell you one thing that other party information is working effectively for our portal because we are easily able to access the data of the users.

Co-branded and Joint Offerings

We are also joining the different brands and offered the joint offering to the buyers. We must clear one thing that these offers normally based on the third part interest. The joint offering is offering on the terms and conditions of the TRENDBUX shopping portal.

Information You Can Access

Users can easily access the information of their account and order history. Order history and booking details are clearly given on the user account. You can access all the data of your account and your history. You can also delete or update the information on the portal as per Your requirements.