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Terms and Conditions


You are at TrendBux Services and here we are providing the valid information related to affiliates of TrendBux. When you visit on TrendBux you can easily understand the terms and conditions of the portal. The products and services provided by TrendBux are used as the mobile application app that is working on the place of software. TrendBux is providing the services with agreeing to these terms and conditions.

By Using TrendBux Services, you agree to these conditions. Please read them carefully.

The platform is offering the extensive range of product and service. There are so many terms and conditions of using TrendBux Services. Before joining the platform you must be careful with all terms and conditions. No matter in which industry you are dealing on the portal? The guidelines are already mentioned on the website. The terms and conditions are an application of TrendBux Services.  Every product and service is already assigned to the terms and conditions. Before joining the platform you must take a glimpse look at the terms and conditions reviews.


We are recommending to all the users of TrendBux that please review our Privacy Policy, which also concerned on the TrendBux Services and understand our rules and regulations.

Electronic Communications:

TrendBux is providing you all information, alerts, and notices through the electronic communication. In this electronic communication are including a mobile app and desktop communication.  The users will consent to receive email, messages, and alerts on their Smartphone device of Desktop. You are really getting these type of amazing alert and notification services at one door-stop. On the other hand, you can also save the data that is sent or receive from us for the future communication. Before joining the platform you must agree will all terms and conditions that all communication issue by us are electronically and if you need to the legal requirement then you can use the writing process.


The content related to the TrendBux Services such as Logos, Designs, Button icons, text, graphics, data compilations, images, audio clips and digital downloads are the legal property of TrendBux and the content that we are using for the supplier is protect by under the copyright laws. Therefore no one uses this property of TrendBux as their personal property. The content copyright is also secured by the content copyright authority.


The Trademark of TrendBux is totally secured against the law and rules of trademarks. On the other hand, graphics, Logos, Page Headers, Scripts and button icons are designed under the rule of company trademark. TrendBux Trademarks are not developed with the connection of any product and services. TrendBux is never creating any logo design related to the product and services. We are sure that our customer will never confuse the customer behind the same product and services. The Trademarks that are registered on the platform of TrendBux


If more than one Patent is owned by TRENDBUX related to product and services are directly accessible via the TRENDBUX Services and Features.  We are running the Patents right under the license of patents. You can also browse a non-exhaustive list of the featured TRENDBUX Patents and Applicable licensed patents.

License and Access:

In our terms and conditions regarding our products and services, you will get the comprehensive license reports on our portal. We are sure that our reports are based on fully brief details of the products and service of TRENDBUX Portal.  Our portal is granting the license to the users through which they can get the limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable to enter in the personal and professional use of the TRENDBUX Services. If you want to continue your TRENDBUX Services without facing the problem of licenses then must accept the terms and conditions of the license that are mentioned and given on the portal. When you download the app, the terms and conditions are already given on the portal and after clicking on yes link you will be able to access the portal. The license is the important fact that is able to give you access to any portal product and services. Therefore we can say that for using TRENDBUX Product and services benefits you must have a valid license. You must know one thing that this license does not include any resale or commercial use of the portal. The collection of the website such as product listing, prices, description, and use of contents for the benefits of the third party are easily used by the users if they had the license access. You will never use logos and trademark of the portal under the terms and conditions of the license because this is the legal authority and property of the platform.

Your Account

If you are not having the TRENDBUX Services Account then must take a glimpse look on the account services reviews. With the TRENDBUX User account, you can easily access the product and services of the website. this website is mainly designing for the purpose of e-commerce online shopping appl. Therefore if you are joining the membership of the portal and become the permanent member of the portal then you will get the amazing features. On the other hand account terms and policies are also given on the portal. Therefore before joining the portal and opening your TRENDBUX Account, you must take a look at the important information that is related to your user account. The payment options on the account are managed by the users and you are completely responsible for your online payments and passwords of your account.  We are selling both types of products such as adults and children and you can buy online products through the use of Credit Card also. The payment terms and conditions are already given on the portal. Not only parents but teenagers can also create their TRENDBUX Account for the purpose of online shipping. Hence if you are thinking that you are under 18 and not able to get the features of the services of TRENDBUX Services then you are wrong. We must tell you one thing that you must use the website in the right way.  TRENDBUX is the best platform for the households through which they can easily get the shopping services at their home.


When we talk about the reviews, comments and other communication related to the products we can say that our users are free to post the reviews and comments related to the product. If you are getting the bad product from the seller then you can also give the negative reviews and ratings of the particular product. On the other hand, users can also submit their suggestions, comments, questions, or other important information on the portal but the comments are not crossing the limits and rules of privacy, infringing and intellectual property right. If you are posting bad things and the sellers are the thing that you are posting invading things then they may take the objection against you in the court. Therefore before sharing your thoughts and ideas make sure that you are submitting only valid and true information. Content rights are so much important both buyers and sellers because if you are using your content in the wrong way then you may lots of legal issues in the future.

If you are posting the content with the unauthorized ways and the material is indicating wrong things then you may face the legal action through the clients. Content is the important aspect for both buyers and sellers. Therefore we can say that content optimization rules are so much important for the users. You must take a glimpse look at the content rules and regulations of our company. We also want to recommend the sellers for the negative comments and products description on the portal.


TRENDBUX Respects and follows the intellectual property of others. If you are thinking that intellectual property rights are not valid and unmanaged then you can also generate the official notice and process for making claims of copyrights infringement.

Risk of Loss:

The purchase of all physical products from TRENDBUX Platform is placed pursuant to a shipment rule and regulation of the company. In the other words, we can say that the risk of loss is id deliver to the carrier.


TRENDBUX Platform is not taking any title back products until the product back at our fulfillment center.  We are always ready to help our customers and that’s why we are always ready to turn your claims on your account. Our working process of returns, refunds, and titles are taking minimum 7 to 10 days. If you want to get more information about returns and refunds then please contact our returns centers.

Product Descriptions:

TRENDBUX also able to deliver the best detail and description of the products and that’s why our product description is always accurate, complete, valid and reliable for the users. If you are thinking that description of any product is not right then you can also verify the product details from the customer care support center.


The pricing of the products is different because each seller is selling different products. The list price is decided by the manufacturer, supplier, and seller. Our experienced workers and executives are also regularly checking the list price against prices recently added on the TRENDBUX Portal. The price that is displayed on the portal is always fare.

We are never confirming the price of the product until your order is finally submitted. Price is the important fact in any aspect or before buying the products and services and that’s why our products and services are almost having the list price. There are also some products that are not listed with any price but doesn’t worry when you submitted your order you will get the list price of the platform. On the other hand, if you want to get the quick inquiry then you can easily contact us on our customer care number. N our privacy policy on price, we clearly mentioned that price listing is always genuine and buyers will never face fraud.

App Permission:

When you use the App of TRENDBUX Portal you may also download the Smartphone App. Therefore before downloading an app, you also get the terms and conditions for downloading the software of TRENDBUX portal. After getting the permissions you will be able to enjoy the services of the platform.


If you are not using the TRENDBUX Services if you are the matter of government sanctions or of sanctions consistent with the government laws and regulations. If you are using the TRENDBUX Services then you must comply with all government rules of export and import. Sanction and Export Policy is clearly removing all doubts of the users.

Other Businesses:

Third Party Businesses are also the part of our company and we are sufficient in delivering best services to our users. The other business engaging task and services rules are also clearly mentioned on the portal and if you are thinking that other businesses are not the part of our services then you are wrong. In addition to providing best services, we are also providing the other important link of the affiliate companies.


The Limitations and warranties of the product are clearly given in the user manual of the product that you are buying from the portal. Every seller has the different terms and conditions of the warranties. When we talk about the electronic goods limitation and warranty we can say that these devices are having minimum one year warranty period but some products and types of equipment are also having five year warranty period. Therefore before purchasing the item from the portal, you must take a glimpse look at the warranty card and conditions of the product. In the warranty period if you ever facing the difficulty you can directly complain about the brand store. The warranty and liability of the product are not related to our portal.


If any dispute is rising related to the TRENDBUX Product and services then all the issues are solving through the interference of court. All the legal matters are solving in the court. We are never solving the matters of buyers and sellers with the help of the third party. Our all disputes are going to the legal court. On the other hand, if the claim is small then we always try to solve the issue directly with the complainer. So many times buyers and sellers are registering the complaint on behalf of their sale and purchase agreement. Our all terms and conditions are already given on the portal and we are clearly mentioned that all the disputes are solving in the court.

If you want to register your complaint about the portal regarding any purchase and sale then you can describe your claim and complaint in a brief manner. All the rules and regulations are following the state laws and regulations. On the other hand, payment issues are also solving under the law of the court. In the end, we can say that all the communication related to any dispute is solving through the phone or writing method. Payment of all application and administration fee will be followed by the government rules and regulations we will also refund those fees for claims totally around the estimated figure of amount against the laws. Any other fee and claims are refunded as per the government rules. We have also clearly mentioned the following payments rules in the buyers and sellers policy. We will never find attorneys fees and the cost of arbitration.

We are always ready to solve all the disputes of sellers and buyers on the individual basis. After the complete verification and classification we are solving the different small issues of the uses and after the proceeding of the court process. The claims are always re-arranging on the court action based. At each jury trial and waive you may get the claim process easier.

Applicable Law:

With the use of TRENDBUX Services, you will be agreeing that the court rules and act. In the federal laws and regulations, the different principles of conflict of law are reflecting the different terms and condition of the applicable law for TRENDBUX Services. In the applicable law term, you may get the idea of sorting different disputes in court.

Site Policies, Modification, and Severability:

You must review our policies and terms and conditions on our website. before joining the portal you must be read all policies reviews and conditions of the website. every website or portal has the different policies views and conditions and here we are also providing the comprehensive policy data to our clients. If you are thinking that any conditions and site policy is not favorable for the users then you can directly contact us with the written mode.


Here we have already mentioned the terms and conditions of using the software of the TRENDBUX Platform. If any other documentation process is required then we are always available with TRENDBUX Services.

Use of the TRENDBUX Software: The use of TRENDBUX Software is giving you’re the ability to complete your buying and selling task without facing any hurdles but there are also some rules and regulations of using TRENDBUX Software. You can use the entire services of TRENDBUX Platform with the agreeing terms and conditions.

Use of Third Party Services: If you are engaging with the TRENDBUX Platform then you can also use the third party services without facing any difficulty. Third party services are also wide terms and conditions for the users, but you can easily connect with the third party for getting services in the respect of terms and conditions.

No Reverse Engineering: You will not able to back engineer, decompile or disassemble, tamper with or connecting any safety attached to the TRENDBUX Software. No matter it is whole or half part.

Updates: We are also offering the automatic and manual updates to the TRENDBUX Software user at any time anywhere.

Government End User: If you are related or attached from the government end uses then we are also issuing a licensing the TRENDBUX Software for your commercial items that are specifically defined in the rules and regulations codes. Our all services that are related to the software are the same as the rights.

Conflicts: if any conflict is rising between these terms and conditions of using TRENDBUX Services then these apply to any part of TRENDBUX Software such as open-source license terms and conditions.


We are accepting all service of subpoenas or another legal method only by TRENDBUX national registered agent or seller, CSC. We are advised to all subpoenas or the legal action may be served by sending them to CSC at the registered address of the company.

You should also concern on providing valid detailed and accurate information at the outset will efficient method of your application process. The information is including so many important data of the user such as email, credit card number that they will use for making the purpose, retail purchase data, name, mobile number and official address of the seller, registration number for TRENDBUX Devices and IP Address and time and date stamp.


If any user is thinking that their intellectual property rights have been valid or infringed then you can also register with your complaint form? The application form is used to define all types of intellectual property claims and rights. In these rights, copyright, trademarks and patents claims are included.

We are always aware from the rights of business owners and that’s why we instantly replied to the problems of the uses about any alleged infringement. We also terminate any repeat infringers in the good conditions.

We offer the following alternative to our online form for copyright complaints only. You may submit written claims of copyright infringement to our Copyright Agent at:

  • Our all written information and claims are concerning on the main copyright infringement that is including below on the given information.
  • If you want to continue your all transaction on the physical or electronic signature then it is your authorized act on the portal.
  • A Content or description of the copyright working on the claiming area of the user;
  • The description of the material location is already given on the site
  • The communication information of the user such as address, telephone number, and email address
  • Statement issues by you have a truth or moral values that the disputed use is not registered by the copyright owner, low or any other agent.
  • If any statement issued by you that is under penalty of perjury that the given information in your notice is exact and that you are the valid owner of the copyright or authorized act on the copyright owner’s behalf.