HealthKart Lean With Garcinia And Green Coffee Bean Extract, 90 Capsules Unflavoured


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  • Healthkart Lean may be a combination of Garcinia, Grape seed, Green tea and Piper nigrum extracts
  • Garcinia extract helps in appetite management & boosts the metabolism
  • Grape seed extract reduces the absorption of fats in the body
  • Green tea extract may be a potent antioxidant, that helps in flushing all the toxins from the body
  • Piper nigrum helps in improving the absorption of alternative herbs

HealthKart Lean could be a natural formula, which comes with the extracts of Garcinia, Green Tea, Grapeseed and Piper Nigrum. HealthKart Lean might facilitate to slightly increase metabolism for some hours after you're taking them. This could facilitate the body to burn more calories even when at rest. The presence of Garcinia in HealthKart Lean might prohibit junk food cravings naturally and could help to increase fat burn by interfering the means your body converts unused carbohydrates into fats. Grapefruit extracts contain Naringenin, a flavonoid that will assist to balance out blood sugar levels and may forestall metabolic syndrome. Piper Nigrum conjointly called black pepper may additionally facilitate to manage body weight, triglyceride or fatty acids and increases good cholesterol, without any modification in food intake.

Take 1 capsule daily 30 minutes before major meals (lunch & dinner).

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