Anti Ageing Herbals YouthRX Transforming Creme, 50g – Lotus


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  • A light, anti-aging night crème that absorbs easily into the skin without making it feel sticky or heavy
  • A natural anti-wrinkle night crème that reduces fine lines and wrinkles to reveal beautiful, younger looking skin every morning
  • A nourishing anti-aging night crème which hydrates skin and removes dry patches
  • Firms and tightens skin overnight, to leave soft, radiant, young skin every morning
  • Removes dark spots and blemishes to provide a smooth, even skin tone

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A natural anti-aging transforming crème with sunscreen protection
Fighting off wrinkles and reducing fine lines to reveal a healthier, younger complexion simply got easier with Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti-aging Remodeling Crème. Created in the Lotus Herbals laboratories, using ground breaking technology of Green Sciences, this natural anti-aging formula contains Gineplex Youth Compound derived from potent natural ingredients which absorb simply into your skin to relinquish it a younger, healthier, soft glow.

Gineplex Youth Compound
Gineplex Youth Compund created using the revolutionary Green Science technology. It consists of the potent extracts of:

Ginseng may be a natural ingredient that increases the regeneration capacity of skin cells creating your skin feeling younger, a lot of supple and radiant

Zingiber Officinale (Ginger)
Ginger extracts work naturally on your skin to reduce hypopigmented scars and scale back dark spots and blemishes, leaving you with even toned skin that glows.

Milk Peptides
Milk peptides nourish your skin from at intervals and aid in the production of collagen that boost skin elasticity and infuse it with natural youth and vitality.

Benefits of Lotus Herbals Youth Rx Anti-aging Transformation Crème

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles in seven days flat
The Gineplex Youth Compunds present during this natural anti-aging cream absorb instantly into your skin and start working on your fine lines and wrinkles right from day one. In seven days flat you may notice a visibly younger, healthier and glowing skin.

Safe for sensitive skin
Created using the ground breaking Green Science Technology, the Gineplex Youth Compound utilized in the distinctive formulation of this anti-wrinkle, anti-aging crème is derived from potent natural ingredients, creating this product safe even for sensitive skin.

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