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I heard about ViaGrain pills many years ago and must say that it is a very good penis enlargement product which works in many ways to improve your sex life. It claims that:

  • Enlarges your penis size
  • Does not allow early ejaculation
  • Boosts testosterone level
  • Improves standing

Based on the information I have gathered, I have to say that if you are looking for a complex, all-in-one supplement, then ViaGrain is the best option on the market. In my review today, I will tell my readers around the world what are the benefits of this product.

I will try to answer any questions you may have about this formula's components, possible side-effects, discounts available, and more.


Basic information about ViaGrain

ViaGrain is a food supplement that is known to increase the length and thickness/roundness of the penis. This sex supplement strengthens the penis and also improves erection. The penis enlarges due to the expansion of the tissue of the foreskin of the penis. The best thing about this sex product is that its effect remains even after you stop taking the capsules. Try this supplement if you are a fan of splendid gourds.

How ViaGrain works

I love to share that this product is based on real science. Its main purpose is to make more blood flow to the forearms of your penis, which makes the chambers bigger.

The bigger the chambers, the more blood will flow to your penis.

The more blood that flows through your penis, the bigger your penis will be.

You will also start feeling better erections due to penis enlargement and will be ready for sex back faster too. The official website of the product writes about the product:

“…This dilates the blood vessels going to the erectile tissues of your penis, which increases the flow of blood when you erect. With increased blood flow, your penis becomes bigger, more vigorous and erect for a longer period of time, and you have a harder, more intense orgasm.”

It does this by increasing the space of the penis and increasing the level of nitric acid in your blood.

Due to increased blood flow to the penis, it reaches its maximum capacity and becomes much larger (especially if you have not reached your maximum blood flow before taking these pills).

This is how you can get a permanent edge.

What pills the FDA tells you to beware of

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) routinely tests drugs sold in the market as dietary supplements. It also includes drugs that are used to increase sex ability.

There are many products in the market about which the FDA warns. See for yourself:

  • FDA's List of Suspected Penis Enlargement Products (ViaGrain Wasn't Here / Checked Sep 5, 2019)
  • The FDA's List of More Suspicious Penis Enlargement Products (ViaGrain Wasn't Here / Checked Sep 5, 2019)

I didn't find any warnings about ViaGrain here.

This may also be because this product has not yet been tested (as it is not a mandatory procedure) or it may have been tested and no harmful or hidden substances have been found in it.

ViaGrain results and experience

I have read many experiences of this on the internet. After reading these, I understood that most of the users have benefited from ViaGrain pills.

Here is the summary of my study:

  • In general, males tend to stand taller.
  • Penis size was generally increased by 3-4 cm
  • Due to the improved blood flow to the penis area, men have better orgasms and the quality of erectile improves.

If you don't believe me, I have a selection of experiences from some of these users. Keep in mind that all these experiences are taken online from other websites. Therefore, I cannot guarantee their validity and you should read them carefully.

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