Supply6 Keto Protein (Belgian Chocolate Low Carb Protein Shake Designed For Keto Diets, 1Kg)


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  • High Protein – High Fat: To stay in the state of ketosis and to attain the simplest results, the Supply6 Keto protein was specially designed for people following a keto diet. With 21.8g Protein and five.1g Fat, this supplement is great for prolonging the state of ketosis the body is in.
  • Very Low Carb – A smart Keto diet involved reducing the carbohydrates being consumed by body. Keeping the need of a Ketosis in mind, the Supply6 Keto protein was specially designed with less than 1g of Carbohydrate, creating it one of the most appropriate protein supplement for a Keto diet.
  • Optimal for Weight Loss – As Keto diets are popular for people wanting to manage their weight, creating the Supply6 Keto protein a part of your Keto diet goes to enhance your results and you would be losing fat at a faster rate. Consume this supplement would keep you fuller for a extended time, thereby reducing the intake of unwanted calories.
  • Delicious Taste – Keeping in mind the necessities of the taste buds, The Supply6 Keto Protein comes in a very delicious Belgian chocolate flavour and has zero added sugar for the calorie acutely aware, making it the most effective tasting low calorie Weight loss protein supplement in the market.
  • Instant Mixability – You want not wait till the mix settle dissolves in your drink. It is simply a matter of seconds before your normal drink becomes highly nutritious!

Keto Protein is a tremendous supplement designed for individuals following a Keto diet. It may be a nice source of high-quality Protein and fat for the body, aiding keep the body within the state of ketosis.

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