St. D’Vence 100% Pure & Natural Sweet Almond Oil, 100 ml



ST. D'VENCÉ pure sweet almond oil is premium all-natural oil that is perfect for intensely nourishing and reviving any skin and hair kind. Its easily absorbed and wont clog pores, promoting clear, soft and healthy skin. Its lavishly healing as a result of its naturally loaded with high amounts of antioxidants essential fatty acids, vitamins a, b, d and e. This lightweight all-natural skin nourishing oil penetrates easily creating it great for intense body care, as a massage oil, as a aromatherapy carrier oil or as an when bath oil.

Key Benefits Of Using Sweet Almond Oil:

Ultra-lightweight Oil | Non- Sticky Guarantee | Super Quick Absorption | Spanish Almonds Excellent Skin Moisturizer | Reduces Dark Circles, Acne, Ageing | Reduces Sunburn & Tan | Removes Dead Skin Cells & Impurities | Makeup Remover | Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines Lightens Skin Tone and adds Natural Glow | Promotes Long and Healthy Hair | Removes Split Ends | Removes Scalp Dryness| Teats Dandruff | Treats Chapped Lips Ideal for flirty eyelashes | Removes Scalp Dryness| Massage promotes Stronger Bones

Direction To Use This Pure & Natural Sweet Almond Oil:

Hair- Apply almond oil directly on the scalp and massage. Leave it for jiffy and wash your hair thoroughly to stimulate hair growth. Skin- Almond oil acts as a natural skin moisturizer. Apply few drops of oil and massage it gently and leave it for 30-forty minutes, allowing it to penetrate for smoother radiant skin.

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