Nutralyfe Re-Gain + Hair Oil (Pure Himalayan Herb Extracts, Bhringaraj, Amla for Hair Growth) – 3 Bottle


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  • Regain Plus: The Herbal Wonder- Regain Plus justifies the name as it provides you the additional advantages. This oil is fortified with natural ingredients that have multiple benefits on our hair Health. No chemicals, artificial ingredients are utilized in this lightweight and absorbent oil. This Non-sticky hair oil is one hundred% herbal and GMP certified.
  • Forestall Hair Loss, and Dryness- This all-natural oil shows its effectiveness to repair frizzy, dry, and brittle hair. The goodness of coconut and sesame oil along with amla extract give the advantage to prevent hair loss and dryness of the scalp. To shield from damage & split ends, massage this oil into scalp and don’t forget to run through ends.
  • Soft and voluminous Hair Naturally- Coconut, Sesame oil, aside from Chironji and Bhringraj helps to moisturize hair to retain good texture and nourish follicles that leave hair naturally sleek and healthy. Chironji and sesame oil also facilitate to detangle hair and provides your hair a flowing look.
  • Natural Shine of Hair- When it involves retaining the natural shine of the hair, Regain Plus has shown its effectivity. Amla, Pudina, Hibiscus along with the bottom oils help to moisturize the scalp and makes your hair smoother, shinier and soft.
  • Remove split ends and Dandruff- Regain Plus Hair oil is additionally most popular for removing split ends. This herbal hair oil has neem, Kapoor, Neel Patra and henna that gives you the advantage to induce rid of the dandruff problem.

Bliss of Nature- That’s the only approach you'll be able to describe NutraLyfe Regain + Hair Oil. Believing in the power of nature, NutraLyfe has used some of the foremost effective herbs during this oil. The brand has neither added chemicals nor artificial ingredients to it. For those who are experiencing hair issues, Regain + is the most effective solution. This amazing hair oil nurtures hair follicles to market natural hair growth. It stops hair fall, repairs split ends and broken hair effectively. Regain Plus conjointly puts its focus on providing you the specified hair length except for making the hair strong, soft and shiny.

Nature's Bliss For Healthy Life:

The idea of launching NutraLyfe Re-Gain Plus Hair oil came into existence with the urge to form a happy world filled with healthy people. NutraLyfe believes in the strength of Mother Nature & follows nature’s knowledge from the 1st day of its existence. NutraLyfe has used solely pure ingredients during this hair oil. It nourishes hair roots to stop hair fall, thinning, split ends, damages, and different hair problems.

Yes To Purity – No To Chemicals

NutraLyfe always maintains the safety standards of the trade. To maintain the premium quality, Regain Plus has said no to chemicals and artificial ingredients. Regain Plus may be a GMP Certified product. It is additionally tested in 3rd party laboratory.

Natural Hair Defense Formula:

NutraLyfe Re-Gain Plus acts as a defensive defend on your hair to prevent the negative impacts of mud, pollution, sun rays and alternative chemicals. Through its unique formula with premium herbs and essential oils, it protects also nourishes your hair thus that your hair stays sleek, voluminous and healthy.

Deep Hair Nourishment:

NutraLyfe Regain Plus deeply nourishes your hair follicles with its nutrients. It not only improves hair texture however also helps to strengthen hair from the basis. Regain Plus is additionally known for making your hair shiny, soft & lustrous.

Necessities For Smooth & Voluminous Hair:

NutraLyfe Regain Plus contains various exotic natural essentials. The nutrients of herbs nurture your hair follicles to supply strength and smoothness. Regain Plus conjointly brings softness and volume to your hair.

Regain Plus: one Stop Solution For Hair:

NutraLyfe has become a 1-stop resolution for all your hair issues due to its capacity to replenish hair follicles effectively. NutraLyfe Regain Plus conjointly protects hair from damages, dandruff and other factors.

Describe your product in 3 words.

Natural !! Pure !! Certified !!

How did you come back up with the idea for this product?

Solely two words will justify the Birth of Regain Plus; One is Downside, and the other is Realisation. Being a half of the society, every day we have a tendency to experience hair issues. We have additionally noticed that the lack of nutrition slows down the recovery method of hair loss. With this realization, the idea of launching Regain And emanated. Regain Plus Hair Oil is an ayurvedic hair treatment and also the brainchild of NutraLyfe. This product comes with the aim to remove the traces of hair issues without any facet result.

What makes your product special?

We tend to aren't only Special however also a Limited Edition. NutraLyfe Regain And Hair Oil is way from usual chemical products. It is a hundredp.c safe and side-impact free. From preventing hair fall, thinning to scalp nourishment, Regain plus will it all. This nutrient-wealthy oil nourishes hair follicles to bring back the desired smoothness, shine, and strength to your hair. The smiling faces of Regain And oil users is our biggest success. The satisfaction attained by our customers with the utilization of this product, makes us special and keeps us motivated to continue to improve life.

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