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MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate (Supports Endurance and Muscle Recovery, 0.22 lb, Unflavoured)

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  • MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate 0.22 lb Unflavoured may be a potent precursor to arginine, that helps to promote Nitric Oxide production
  • It helps to facilitate increased flow of blood and nutrients to muscles that leads to larger muscle growth
  • Citrulline Malate from MuscleBlaze aids in delaying the onset of fatigue and helps to build endurance
  • MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate 0.22 lb helps to increase exercise intensity and fast muscle recovery after intense workout sessions
  • Mix 1 scoop of Muscleblaze Citrulline Malate with 300 ml of water for best results. Note: Daily dose shouldn’t be additional than 3 scoops


Every bodybuilder and athlete looks for options to delay the onset of fatigue so as to provide it their best in every workout session. As you training gets additional intense, the nutritional support that you would like increases too. Amino acids are the foremost important nutrient needed by the body. Of the several amino acids that represent the muscles of our body, citrulline malate is 1  that gives several edges. You'll acquire this necessary nutrient through supplements like Muscleblaze citrulline malate.

Muscleblaze Citrulline Malate Review:

When it comes to nutritional support, MuscleBlaze is a name that you can trust fully. They are fuelling the requirements of advanced athletes and bodybuilders for decades now and are known for their dedication to quality and results. Citrulline malate Muscleblaze is one product from this range that provides many advantages like:

  • Improved Elimination of Ammonia: MuscleBlaze L-Citrulline contains L-citrulline which is a non-essential amino acid which could be a precursor to Arginine. Along with ornithine, arginine is responsible for the removal of ammonia from the body. Ammonia is the product of protein metabolism and is often stored in the liver. These ingredients facilitate detoxify the liver and take away the deposits of ammonia.
  • Improved Liver Operate: With the removal of ammonia, the liver is ready to operate higher. Fitness enthusiast knows that the liver is 1 of the major organs when it involves fat metabolism. This suggests that that your body has additional energy and that the deposits of fatty acids are removed a lot of efficiently.
  • Delayed onset of fatigue: Arginine improves blood circulation within the body. This permits the nutrients that you just consume to flow through the body easily and reach the important organs faster. Blood also supplies oxygen to the muscles when you workout, improving recovery and preventing fatigue.
  • Improved endurance: Faster recovery means that that you're in a position to carry out longer and more intense training sessions with larger ease. Improved recovery conjointly improves the scale and volume of the muscles, making you stronger with each coaching session.


This product will not contain any added flavors.

How To Consume?

You'll combine 1 scoop of Muscleblaze citrulline malate with 300 ml of water. You'll additionally augment any beverage of your alternative. The dosage ought to not be additional than 3 scoops per day.

When to Consume?

For best results, you must consume this supplement:

  • Before Workout: It must be consumed about 34 minutes before you begin operating out.
  • Before Meals: If you are adding an additional scoop, it is best to consume it before your meals. Even on rest days, this supplement should be consumed before your meals.

Where To Buy MuscleBlaze Citrulline Malate, 0.22 lb Unflavoured?

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