Lash Mob Limitless Mascara 01 Black With A Bang_9 ml – SUGAR Cosmetics


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  • Creamy-textured
  • Incredibly simple to apply
  • Houses specially designed micro-bristles that raise, separate and unstick each lash hair and coat it with clump-free volumizing formula
  • Contains nourishing vitamins and anti-oxidant that enhances the growth of natural lashes and protect them from pollutants
  • Free from parabens, talc and artificial fragrances

Looking For A Magic Wand That Will Transform You From Plain Jane To Queen Bee In Seconds? The Lash Mob Limitless Mascara From Sugar Gives You Just The Drama Your Eyes Need! Whether You'Re A Fan Of Super Volume Or Clump-Free Formula, We Bet That Your Lashes Will Thank You Once You've Had Your First Date With This Beauty. Creamy-Textured And Incredibly Easy To Apply: This Paraben-Free Mascara Does A Stellar Job Of Separating, Defining And Combing Through Each Lash Therefore You'Ll Experience Lashes Like Never Before!

How To Apply:

Look Straight Ahead #Likeaboss And Start With The Bottom Lashes While Putting On The Mascara Thus That The Top Lashes Don'T Smudge When You Look Down. Place Your Wand At The Base Of Your Lashes And Using A Zig-Zag Motion, Move The Wand Up Your Lashes.


This Wonder Mascara Houses Specially Designed Micro-Bristles That Lift, Separate And Unstick Every Lash Hair And Coat It With Our Clump-Free Volumizing Formula. That'S Not All! This Game-Changing Makeup Product Also Boosts The Growth Of Your Natural Lashes Thanks To The Nourishing Vitamins In The Tube And Contains Anti-Oxidants That Protect Them From Pollutants. How That For Packing So Much Punch In One Miracle Product!

Additional Details:

The Sugar Lash Mob Limitless Mascara Is Free From Parabens, Talc And Artificial Fragrances. Easy Removal With Warm Water Loosens The Film And Allows The Formula To Slide Off Easily. With No Rubbing Required, Your Natural Lashes Are Left Unharmed. It Is Made In Italy & Currently Available In The Shade “01 Black With A Bang”. Size: 9Ml

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