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HealthKart Peanut Butter Fortified With Vitamins & Minerals Unsweetened, 0.250 kg Creamy – Pack of 4

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  • The HealthKart Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 Kg comes enriched with the goodness of 100% fresh, roasted peanuts
  • It will not contain any preservatives, trans fats, cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, artificial colors or flavours
  • HealthKart Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 Kg is an all natural product
  • It’s perfect for those wanting to shed weight with for athletes, and gym goers as it’s an energy boosting spread
  • HealthKart Peanut Butter VMO Creamy is wealthy in Proteins, Vitamin E, and Dietary Fibre


HealthKart Peanut Butter Fortified with Vitamins & Minerals, Creamy 0.250 kg

Peanut butter may be a pure and healthy indulgence. Made with the goodness of peanuts, this is often undoubtedly one in all the foremost favorite diet stapes in the planet. It is made in nutrients and is perfect for simply about anyone who lives a lively life, be it a bodybuilder, an athlete, a gymnast, a cyclist or any fitness enthusiast.

HealthKart Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg

Healthkart brings to you its own peanut butter recipe that's at par with a number of the foremost well-known peanut butter brands like Alpina and Pintola. The Peanut Butter VMO Creamy zero.250 kg is creamy and engaging.

VMO denotes the vitamins, minerals and omega 3 that you will find in abundance with this product. You'll be positive of nothing however the most effective with Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg.

HealthKart Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg Edges

Counted among the most effective peanut butter brands, Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg retains all the peanut butter nutrition, giving you several benefits, such as :

  • Best Peanut Butter Protein: With Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg you get 10 grams of protein with every one hundred grams. The recipe ensures that each one the protein in peanut butter is retained thus that you'll be able to have a reliable supply in any respect times.
  • Fortified with 27 minerals and vitamins: Get that instant boost of energy that you need to perform at your best with 27 minerals and vitamins that are included in Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg. Some useful nutrients embody Vitamin E, B6, magnesium, iron, phosphorous and calcium. This offers you several benefits such as better nerve and muscle health as you are able to satisfy the daily required intake of necessary nutrients with this product.
  • Higher digestion: Along with the on top of-mentioned nutrients, one.eight grams of fiber in each serving of Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg provides you the simplest peanut butter edges. It not solely keeps your hunger pangs at bay by keeping you satiated however conjointly improves digestion and absorption of all the nutrients that you just consume.

Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg brings to you the goodness of 100% natural and best quality peanuts. They are roasted and ground to administer you perfect consistency. The mark of purity is the oily residue that you'll see when a jar of Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg is left untouched. This shows that it will not contain any hydrogenated fats.

Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg is additionally free from trans-fats, gluten, dairy, sugar, salt and added flavor.

How To Use It?

Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg has great consistency and goes perfectly with many of your daily foods. You'll create a healthy peanut butter sandwich, add a dollop onto a muffin or a toasted piece of bread. It can also be added to your protein shakes and milkshakes to enhance the style and consistency.

If you have got a sweet tooth, you can select from many healthy recipes that embody peanut butter to create yourself a great dessert.

When To Use?

With each serving of Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg, you get 189 Kcal of energy. Therefore, this can be your perfect workout partner. You'll create a pre or post workout drink or snack. It enhances the method of recovery when consumed when a workout since it additionally contains vitamins, minerals, and omega-three.

You conjointly have the option of creating your breakfast healthier with a slice of bread and a few Peanut Butter VMO Creamy 0.250 kg. It makes a good snack in addition since it contains a healthy dose of fiber that keeps you satiated for extended.

Where To Buy?

One in all the most effective choices is to shop for peanut butter online. This product is obtainable on HealthKart where you can be assured of the simplest peanut butter value. You'll be able to also compare completely different product for the peanut butter nutrition worth before selecting one that is perfect for you.


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