HealthAid Vitamin E (268 mg), 30 Capsules


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  • Prevents injury caused by free radicals
  • Protects skin from sun burn
  • Enhances immune health

Health Aid Vit- E Capsules are highly efficient natural capsules containing vitamin E that helps in preventing harm caused by the free radicals. These free radicals are very harmful for your body as they'll destroy the new cells and leads to improper functioning of your body. Vitamin E protects varied nutrients like Vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids from oxidative damage. These capsules stop cellular ageing that can cause nice harm to your body. Vitamin E contained in these capsules facilitate in enhancing the health of your heart while increasing the assembly of red blood cells that keep your skin nourished. Sunburns and ultraviolet radiations can highly injury your skin.

These Health Aid Vit- E capsules protect your skin from sun and enhance the health of your skin, providing you with a younger look. Thus these capsules will highly enhance your overall look by maintaining the skin tone. These capsules additionally increase blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels that increase the stamina of your body. This makes these capsules highly efficient for athletes and bodybuilders. Consuming these capsules keeps your immune system robust and enables your body to fight varied infections. Thus these capsules are perfect to take care of your overall health.

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