HealthAid Vitamin B1, Unflavoured (90 tablets)


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  • Maintains traditional appetite
  • Keeps the nervous system healthy
  • Enhances cardiovascular functioning
  • Improves the metabolism of energy
  • Aid in managing stress level

HealthAid Vitamin B1 tablets forestall the deficiency of vitamin B1 and improve the general general health. These tablets facilitate in maintaining healthy appetite level, which provides you with adequate energy to induce through your day. These tablets keep your nervous system healthy, which makes it simple for you to manage stress levels. HealthVit Vitamin B1 tablets are also useful in improving cardiovascular functioning by maintaining healthy blood pressure level.

In addition, the tablets also facilitate in reducing tiredness, suppressing the symptoms of depression and enhancing concentration level. Apart from this, the tablets are a great approach to enhance the immune system functioning particularly in stressful situations, and could also support muscle weakness, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Conjointly, as these capsules are easily absorbed by the body, they supply maximum utilisation and advantages of the ingredients for your body. So, go get a pack of HealthAid Vitamin B1 tablets to form yourself feel refreshed and rejuvenated every day.

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