HealthAid Strong Calcium (600 mg), 60 Chewable Tablet(s) Unflavoured


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  • Promotes healthy bones and teeth
  • Helps in maintaining gut health
  • Maintains healthy hormonal secretion

HealthAid Calcium (Strong) Chewable tablets are specially-formulated tablets containing calcium, which is the foremost important mineral of your body. Calcium is terribly important for healthy bones and teeth. Proper level of calcium in your body will keep them healthy. Calcium is terribly efficient in controlling the nervous system, heartbeat, muscles and alternative vital organs. Vitamin D is additionally added in these capsules to ensure optimum absorption.

There is inulin gift in these capsules that helps in maintaining gut health and improves the health of your teeth. Consuming these HealthAid Calcium (Strong) Chewable tablets promotes the structure and overall health of your bones and teeth. These tablets also facilitate within the secretion of numerous hormones and enzymes that maintain traditional functioning of the body. Further, they additionally profit pregnant ladies by increasing calcium level in their body.

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