HealthAid Digeston (60 tablets)


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  • Relieves from indigestion issues
  • Reduces discomfort and bloating after eating
  • Enhances your digestive health

Health Aid Digestion Chewable tablets are natural capsules that facilitate in maintaining healthy digestion of your body. As we have a tendency to consume food, the body breaks down the food and makes it easily digestible. This breakdown helps within the absorption of food by your blood stream and permits the production of energy. But some folks face issues since their digestive system will not produce vital enzymes that can facilitate in digestion.

As a result, they suffer from indigestion, which causes bloating and discomfort when eating food. These tablets are specially formulated to boost the functioning of your digestive system. These contain very important enzymes that may help in simple breakdown of food and improve digestive processes. Thus, these tablets containing papaya, amalyse and alternative enzymes can offer you relief from chronic indigestion. They also are helpful for elders with low HCI levels. Go and garb these tablets to remain free from all digestive issues.

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