HealthAid Cod Liver Oil (1000 mg), 60 Capsules


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  • Provides healthy glowing skin
  • Improves bone strength
  • Provides relief in joint pains
  • Rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and omega-3


Enhance your cardiovascular health and strengthen your immunity system with Health Aid Cod Liver Oil capsules.

These capsules contain vitamin A and D which play a very sensible role in nourishing skin, gum, teeth, hair, bone health and are very sensible for vision. Vitamin E is cold pressed and sealed in a capsule to take care of purity and freshness. Originatinged from the Norwegian sources, these cod liver oil capsules are enriched with EPA & DHA which are omega three oils. Theyand are very helpful in improving the health of the heart health, and increasing the flexibilitye of joints and bones.

Already theThe presence of vitamin A and D offers benefits for your overall health by aiding heaps of health conditions. They will facilitate toin givinge relief in joint pain, maintain heart health and good blood circulation. Since these capsules have omega three fatty acids, willthese help to aid cardiovascular conditions. These capsulesand are smart to enhance the formation of neural cells and maintain a healthy nervous system.

People who want to take care of supple joints and relieve joint pain can conjointly take advantages from this medicine. These capsules can additionally be helpful for individuals who are affected by poor blood pressure due to stress and anxiety they undergo in their busy lives. These capsules can show good results to folks who depend on western diet which essentially lacks in EPA, DHA and omega acids.


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