HealthAid Chitosan Complex, 90 Capsules


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  • Helps in the absorption of dietary fats
  • Helps maintain body weight
  • Helps regulate blood sugar level
  • Boosts body metabolism

Health Aid Chitosan Complex Capsules are specially formulated natural capsules containing chitosan, that is obtained from shell fish to supply dietary fiber to your body. Chitosan will effectively bind the fat; this binding converts the fat into nondigestible type before it's absorbed by your body. Apart from this, these capsules contain various essential nutrients like Vitamin C, gymnaema sylvestre extract and chromium.

These nutrients promote weight loss by reducing the consumption of fat by your body. Conjointly, these Health Aid Chitosan Complex Capsules work by reducing cravings and increasing fat oxidation. The nutrients contained in these capsules keep your body nourished and provide you a excellent shape. The sugar level of your blood will also be regulated by consuming these capsules. Thus if you want to cut back extra weight of your body whereas maintaining healthy body weight, go and grab these Health Aid Chitosan Complex Capsules.

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