HealthAid Branched Chain Amino Acids, 60 tablet(s) Unflavoured


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  • Provides you muscular strength
  • Helps scale back stress and fatigue
  • Aids in maintaining muscle tissue
  • Enhances the energy level in your muscles

NOTE: Since ingredients are hygroscopic in nature, they’ll tend to lump. However the supplement is totally safe to consume after grind


After operating out for long at the gym, you often get fatigued and your muscle tissue gets broken. This is where HealthAid Branched Chain Amino Acid tablets come into the image as they contain three totally different types of amino acids – Leucine, isoleucine and valine, which facilitate your in gaining muscle and losing unwanted fats stored in the body.

Leucine is useful in increasing the development of muscles and preventing the loss of muscle volume by supporting protein synthesis in muscles and liver. In addition, this amino acid helps in regulating the energy provide to the body by aiding in the absorption of glucose within the body. Isoleucine is useful in synthesising proteins in the body and helps in maintaining nitrogen levels within the body, which helps in generating new muscle tissues.

Valine, another amino acid gift in this BCAA supplement, is useful in the conversion of food into energy. Also, these BCAA tablets facilitate in maintaining healthy blood sugar level. As these HealthAid BCAA tablets help in weight loss in a very healthy and sustainable technique, they act as an excellent supplement for those trying for losing weight along with gaining healthy muscle mass.

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