HealthAid Agnus Castus (550mg), 60 tablets


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  • Relieves from menopausal issues
  • Helps in regulating hormonal functions
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and mood swings

HealthAid Agnus Castus tablets have been created with the extract of the Agnus castus herb that has been in use since ancient times to assist in controlling and regulating the functioning of the female reproductive system. In a focused tablet type, Agnus castus extract can give you with better health. These tablets are helpful in regulating hormonal functions and relieving issues faced at the time of menstruation.

Consuming these tablets on a regular basis aids in stimulating the discharge of the luteinising hormone, which helps in regularising the onset of menstruation. It additionally helps in controlling another hormone prolactin from being produced excessively and resulting in infertility among women. Conjointly, these tablets reduce the incidence of premenstrual syndrome symptoms, like anxiety, mood swings, stress and insomnia. These HealthAid Agnus Castus tablets also are beneficial for breast-feeding ladies, as they help in enhancing the milk production for the infants. Therefore get a pack of HealthAid Agnus Castus tablets to improve your health.

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