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Garnier Acno Fight Anti Pimple Face Wash for Men (100ml)

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  • Contains natural ingredients to fight against 6 major acne issues
  • Effective micro-beads cleansing foam unclogs pores to remove blackheads
  • Regenerates, repairs and restructures skin for a healthy appearance
  • The purifying , an anti-microbial ingredient helps to cut back pimples and secretion of oil, leaving skin free of excessive sebum

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Banish a shiny appearance with Garnier’s specially devised assortment of skin care for shiny skin. Discover merchandise to manage sebum production for a mattified complexion, as well as cleansers, face masks and moisturisers for shiny skin – full of purifying agents like salicylic acid and natural extracts to nurture whilst refining skin texture. Use a selection of oily skin product with formulas ensured not to clog pores, thus you can remain shine-free with stunning, radiant skin all day long.

From the Manufacturer:

Fights half dozen Signs of Acne:
Here's a Garnier face wash for men that fights acne, to reveal a fresher looking skin, every time you utilize it. The Garnier Acno-fight is a superior formulation, with a six-in-one pimple clearing formula, that fights half-dozen signs of acne effectively. This Garnier face wash has been formulated with natural ingredients for effective oil control that keeps your skin clean drier and fresher. Use the Garnier Acno-fight Face wash for men often to stay your skin clean and refreshed at all times. This power-packed face wash may be a should in your necessities kit, no matter where you go.Natural Ingredients for Effective Cleansing:
This Garnier Men AcnoFight Face Wash 100g is formulated with natural ingredients, to administer you a healthy glow with each use. It has micro-beads that exfoliate the skin, remove blackheads and unclog pores. Besides controlling oil secretion, these natural ingredients regenerate and repair your skin to allow you a healthy look. It contains Salicylic acid, known for its cleansing properties and neutralizing bacteria. Feel fresh and cool every time you use this Garnier face wash. For best results, use the Garnier Acno-fight Facewash for men daily. Wet your face and gently massage the face wash in circular motion all over your face. Avoid the attention contour space. Rinse thoroughly to reveal a cleaner, fresher skin.

  • Brand: Garnier
  • Pack Size: 100gm
  • Gender: Men
  • Formulated with natural ingredients to fight 6 signs of Acne
  • Suitable for Acne-prone skin
  • Contains: Micro-beads for exfoliation, Salicylic acid for cleansing and anti-microbial action
  • Gives a healthy appearance by regenerating and repairing your skin


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