Dymatize Liquid L-Carnitine (0.473 L, Berry)


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  • Enhances the growth of your muscles
  • Helps in reducing excess fat from your body
  • Reduces your yearning for food
  • Helps within the quick recovery from muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Revamps your stamina by energising your body post workout

Dymatize Actyl L-Carnitine Liquid may be a health supplement that enhances the growth and development of your muscle. It helps in reducing excess fat from your body and maintains your body metabolism. This supplement helps burn additional calories and maintains a good physical structure. Further, it acts as a dietary supplement that helps reducing your longing for food. This supplement additionally helps within the fast recovery from muscle fatigue and soreness post workout. It not solely revamps your body stamina but additionally energises your body. Enriched with made vitamins, this supplement can enhance your cardiovascular fitness whereas keeping your body stress free.

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