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Today I want to discuss the hidden enemies of the eyes – screens, monitors, displays, which have become an integral aspect of our life and work. Let us take a look at the statistics of Indian citizens for 2015-2016. We are faced with a frightening picture of statistics: the vision of the people of our country is deteriorating very rapidly.

According to WHO statistics, in recent years the number of people with vision problems has increased significantly in all modern developed countries. If we do not take any drastic steps on this, then in the next decade more than 70% of the Indian population will suffer from vision disorders.




The human eye has muscles that promote its action. If you keep your eyes fixed on one point for a long time (gazing at the screen, or on the phone), these muscles get tired. However, excessive muscle activity is not the main cause of vision problems.

The major adverse factor for vision disorders is optical radiation.

Not only solar radiation, but also the radiation coming from artificial sources like screens and monitors is harmful to the eyes. Due to long-term association with such light sources, the retina has to face problems. If you remember how much time of our life we ​​spend on the streets, suffering from stress and bad environment, all these factors easily lead to a loss of vision.




As it is clear from the statistics that the eyesight of Indians is deteriorating rapidly. Something needs to be done about it! As is my personal experience, most doctors will tell you to rest your eyes off the screen, to exercise and take care of your eyes – they will even recommend you not to work.

People often disregard this advice, and then they come to me and then I advise them to wear glasses. But this whole situation could have been prevented in the early stages of the disease. However, one characteristic of human nature is that they find it easier to treat an existing problem than to engage in prevention.




Unfortunately, this type of behavior is common to all people, not just my patients. Fortunately, a new European development has recently appeared that protects eyesight even for those who spend more than 12 hours a day in front of a monitor or screen.

Modern German laboratories and the discovery of new properties of rare herbs and various extracts have created a unique product that I discovered for myself and my patients. This is an effective Crystalix capsule !

To be honest, these capsules have become a great alternative to eye exercises and even surgery in some cases for my patients and me.



I heard about Crystalix at a conference I attend regularly to learn about new approaches to vision therapy. I was surprised to learn that it contains an ingredient called Lutein in combination with its active ingredients. Let me explain you well.

The lutein and zeaxanthin formed from it are the main pigments of a yellowish spot located in the center of the eyeball's nerve tunic. This area is responsible for the quality of visibility. Lutein and zeaxanthin absorb the most harmful blue part of the luminous flux.

These components neutralize the destructive effects of light when the rays act to penetrate the delicate structures of the retina. Studies of the last century have shown that lutein deficiency leads to gradual loss of vision.

So when I saw Lutein in the components of Crystalix , I realized that this remedy can actually protect people from slowly deteriorating vision problems as well as vision loss.





Crystalix was presented at the conference last year, and when I think about how many years this product will be on the market in our country, I only feel disappointed. But to my surprise there was no limit when this product passed the stages of certification in India and even went on the market for sale! But its only drawback is that Crystalix is ​​not sold in pharmacies but I was able to find an official site of the company which sells this capsule online.

I am a pharmaceutical professional, and now I understand why these drugs are sold online. The thing is, pharmacies always have trading margin. I think since it is an exotic remedy produced abroad, its markup is more than 50%. That's why I am very happy that there is an official website where I can order and I also give the link to my patients so that they too can take advantage of its benefits.

We have a chance to prevent vision problems of our citizens, and this opportunity is Crystalix which can be ordered on this site, with facility of home delivery.

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