MIXIFY Glow Combo (Unloc Mixify Serum (30 ml) + “Skin Glow + Detox” Face Mask (100gm)) | Paraben Free | Sulphate Free


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  • Skin Glow Serum: Face Glow Serum formulated for Men & Girls with Natural Plant Extracts of Mulberry & Licorice and AHAs & Vitamin C. This facial serum helps in reducing dark spots & pigmentation. Non-comedogenic & oil free. Completely appropriate for summers too.
  • Skin Glow + Detox Face Mask: Formulated with Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C, natural mineral delivers – Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay, and other natural plant extracts. Gives glow & detoxifies the skin.
  • Both along, Skin Glow Face Serum and Skin Glow + Detox Face Mask helps in obtaining good glow on your face. Reduces pigmentation, detoxifies skin, brightens and lightens up the skin.
  • A 100% vegan & cruelty free face product manufactured in strict accordance with international standards & is suitable for dry skin, oily skin & even sensitive skin. Also appropriate for acne prone skin.
  • Apply Skin Glow Serum each night and Skin Glow + Detox Mask every alternate days.

Note: Maximum order limit per customers for this product is 4 units. (Order exceeds the quantity limit will be auto-cancelled).


MIXIFY® UNLOC™ SKIN GLOW SERUM – Formulated with key ingredients like AHAs, Vitamin C and natural plant extracts of Mulberry & Licorice.

It transforms uninteresting skin into radiant looking skin, creating it brighter & smoother as also evens out the skin. Exfoliation, anti-oxidant, brightening and soothing properties of active ingredients helps skin to induce a natural and powerful dose of glow.

AHAs helps in glowing skin by giving delicate exfoliating impact on skin’s surface, removes dead cells, minimizes appearance of pores and could be a best remedy for uneven skin tone & pigmentation.

Vitamin C protects the skin from environmental pollution and produces collagen that in turn rejuvenates skin from the roots, reduces wrinkles and symptoms of aging.

Extracts of Mulberry & Licorice effectively regulates the method of melanin synthesis which permits to get brighter clear skin.

MIXIFY® UNLOC™ SKIN GLOW + DETOX FACE MASK is formulated with Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Vitamin C, Low Extracts, Turmeric Extracts and several other natural extracts.

Activated Charcoal, Bentonite & Kaolin Clay helps in light exfoliation, clearing out pores and removing toxins & impurities from skin.

Vitamin C and L-Arginine keeps skin healthy and glowing due to its anti-oxident and brightening properties.

Caffeine could be a natural constrictor, and occasional grounds can boost your skin's healthy look.

Orange extract is an anti-aging ingredient, it's a made supply of vitamin E which stop wrinkles and lines. Orange extract has a gentle astringent property that helps to alleviate acne-prone skin.

Cilantro Extracts helps to detoxify skin.

Turmeric Extract helps scale back acne and any resulting scars. The anti-inflammatory qualities targets your pores and calms skin.

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